Manos Sofronis

Manos Sofronis
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Company: OneGlobal

With over 25 years of experience as a Lloyd’s Broker, Manos Sofronis is the CEO & founder

of Oneglobal Greece & Cyprus, a portfolio company of J.C. Flowers & Co. A position he has

held since 2019 when the business was founded from a merger between SSL and Endeavour.

His deep-rooted expertise in the field, combined with strategic leadership, has had a

significant impact on the Insurance Industry in the Hellenic region.

Manos began his distinguished career in 1998 at Heath Lambert, quickly establishing himself

as a proficient broker. In 2001, he transitioned to Price Forbes as a director & head of the

Greek account in London, where he further honed his skills and expertise in their Marine


Manos moved back to Greece and founded the SSL Greek Office in 2007, which he led until

SSL merged with Endeavour to eventually become Oneglobal. Since 2019, Manos has been

at the helm of Oneglobal Greece & Cyprus, an original partner & creator of the Oneglobal

group; steering the growing company through the evolving insurance landscape with a focus

on tailored marine insurance solutions that meet the complex demands of a range of clients in

Greece and Cyprus.

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