Marine Insurance Greece

The Marriott, Athens

30th May 2024


(All times are in EEST)


Wednesday 29th May


Polygreen S.A. are pleased to sponsor the Welcome Party for the inaugural Marine Insurance Greece. The party will be held at DOT Beach Vibes bar in Athens. All delegates are warmly invited to attend.


Thursday 30th May


Registration and Coffee in the Pre-Function Area


Morning Conference Chairman: Dimitris Monioudis, Managing Director, Rethymnis & Kulukundis


Keynote Address: TBC


Presenter: Leonidas Eugenides, Chairman, Eugenides Foundation; Maritime Ambassador of Greece to IMO


Panel Discussion: State of the Market – Brokers

This session will analyse the current state of play for the brokers operating in Greece and look at the changing demand for their services. It will also consider the hull market and look at why Lloyd’s has lost out to Scandinavia in the Greek market.

Moderator: Illias Tsakiris, Chief Executive Officer, Hellenic Hull and Chair, Ocean Hull Committee, IUMI

Panellists: Manos Lorentzos, Executive Director, Seascope Europe S.A. and Chairman, Hellenic Committee, Lloyd’s Brokers Associates

Manos Sofronis, Chief Executive Officer, Oneglobal Broking

Ludvig Nhylen, Area Manager Team Greece, The Swedish Club

Spyros Vlassopoulos, Managing Director, IONIC Shipping


Presentation: Sanctions Enforcement and Compliance – What to Do When You Have a Problem and How to Stop it Next Time

As authorities continue to invest resource in sanctions enforcement, we discuss the background of those investigations, how to address when a sanctions compliance problem is discovered, and what best practices can prevent future issues.

Presenter: Karen Seifert, Assistant United States Attorney, The United States Department of Justice


Coffee and Networking in the Pre-Function Area


Panel Discussion: Alternative Fuels – Future-Proofing the Greek Shipping Industry

As new fuels come on board, the whole shipping industry is likely to be in a state of flux and at the same time, adapting to a new working environment. This includes bunkering. In this session, we will consider whether Greece is ready to embrace the changes ahead and develop new infrastructure. How will it make the choices between new fuels from ammonia, methanol, LNG, nuclear, wind, etc? Will insurers have the appetite for all these fuels or for the infrastructure development?

Moderator: George Margetis, Chief Executive Officer, Margetis Maritime Consulting

Panellists: Ian Clarke, Head of Claims and Regional Director, West of England P&I

Nikolas Tsatsaros, Strategic Business Partner – New Construction, Lloyd’s Register

Panos Zachariadis, Technical Director, Atlantic Bulk Carriers Management


Panel: Salvage: Not All in a Day’s Work – The Changing Landscape for Salvors

New fuels mean new challenges for all those who handle them including the crew, but also, crucially, salvors. The session will ask whether salvors need to have separate skill sets for each new fuel type and how that would work in practice. We also consider the implications of sanctions on salvage, from immediate rescue to long-term recovery.

Moderator: George Tsavliris, Non-Executive Chairman, Oneglobal Broking Greece and Cyprus

Panellists: Turker Yildrim, Partner, Esenyel Partners, Lawyers & Consultants

Elias Psyllos, Vice President, T&T Salvage

Alexander Greene, Assistant Claims Director, Seascope

Ian BarrDirector, London P&I Club


Panel Discussion: Crew – Teaching an Old (Sea)Dog New Tricks?

Crew today face many challenges, first and foremost the decision of whether to go to sea at all. With an ageing workforce, shipping companies are facing new challenges, too. Can the crews be trained to work with the emerging technologies? Are older crew resilient enough in the face of piracy or terrorism? This session will explore these questions and more.

Moderator: Dimitris Monioudis, Managing Director, Rethymnis & Kulukundis

Panellists: Ian Teare, Partner, Hill Dickinson

David Nichol, Master Mariner, Senior Advisor, Loss Prevention and Claims, The Swedish Club Greece

Alkmini Biskanaki, Assistant Claims Consultant, The Shipowners’ Club

Kostas Katsoulieris, P&I Claims Director – Greece, NorthStandard


Lunch in the Pre-Function Area


Keynote Address: Building Resilience – Managing New Risks in Uncertain Times


Presenter: Patrick Davison, Head of Underwriting Performance, Lloyd’s of London


Presentation: Emissions Trading System (EU): Leaving Your Footprint Behind – Carbon Trading

The challenge of how to reduce any company’s carbon footprint is often solved through carbon trading systems. Europe established its own emissions trading system and it has generally been accepted as successful, however the question remains as to whether the system is a success when it comes to the shipping sector. How has it impacted the relationship between charterers and owners?

Presenter: Eleni Antoniadou, Lawyer Defence, Gard (Greece)


Panel: War Risks Emanating from the Red Sea

The red sea is becoming a no-go area for a lot of shipping companies ,despite pleas from charterers. How is the situation in the Red Sea affecting Greek shipping companies and their insurers? This session will take a look at the latest state of play.

Moderator: Dimitri Vassos, Partner, HFW

Panellists: Nicholas Berketis, Manager, J.Kouroutis & Co. Ltd. Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers

Seán Geraghty, Regional Director, Thomas Miller BV Greek Branch

Dimitris Exarchou, Partner, HFW


Presentation: Climate Variability

Anthropogenic (man-made) climate change presents a huge challenge for humanity, but what is the wider context for variations in the Earth’s climate? How quickly can it change and can we fix things quickly by emitting less CO².    What are the implications for marine traffic, particularly in the Arctic.  In this session, we will look at the manner in which the climate has changed over a time-scale of millions of years in order to set our current challenges in context. 

Presenter: Andrew Moncrieff, Principal Associate, Hawkins


Presentation: Anchoring Power – The Rise of US Authorities as Global Enforcers of Sanctions in the Shipping Industry

As the United States asserts its authority on a global scale, leveraging sanctions as a primary tool of foreign policy, the shipping industry finds itself navigating increasingly turbulent waters.  Drawing upon recent developments, the mechanisms through which US authorities wield influence over maritime trade, often transcending national borders and traditional jurisdictional bounds, a fundamental question arises: are stakeholders in the shipping industry mere pawns caught in the crossfire of superpower rivalry?

Presenter: George M. Chalos, Chalos & Co, P.C. – International Law Firm


Closing Remarks: Afternoon Conference Chairman, Yannis Triphyllis, BoD, U.K Defense Club

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